Accessible Toilet Lock with HEX Head Release


  • Code: - JATLHEX

The JEFLOCK Accessible toilet lock is designed especially to comply with new legislation Part M, DDA & BS8300.

The accessible toilet lock operates from the outside with a lever handle to release the roller latch bolt & has a red & white indicator release, in an emergency the HEX head release can be turned by a HEX head key to release the dead bolt. The outside operation is no different to any other bathroom lock & does not require instructions.

The inside lever handle presses down to release the latch bolt & lifts up to throw the dead bolt as illustrated. This is an unusual feature & therefore has a sign to read “lift handle to lock” this message is repeated in Braille.

The unique JEFLOCK Accessible toilet lock with HEX head release is supplied as a complete set with HEX key

Metal finishes - Satin stainless steel

The Hex release version is available for use in applications that are relevant to the Department for Education Technical Annex 2D: Internal Elements and Finishes.

Part 5.2.2. Part C. refers to Bathroom Locks and states: Bathroom Lock – A lock that can be locked from the inside by turn or lever and can be released from outside
by hexagon or star key (not coin-slot).

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